Best Time RV:YVR 免单程费

Best Time RV:YVR 免单程费

Book any Best Time RV vehicle for one-way travel out of Vancouver between 18 September 2017 and 31 March 2018 and receive no one-way charge. Please note that the depot is located in Point Wells in US territory, so you will need all relevant documentation to cross the border into the USA to pick up your vehicle.

优惠代码: YVROUT
预订有效期:从 10 4月 2017 至 31 3月 2018
出行有效期:从 18 9月 2017 至 31 3月 2018


  • 车行保留随时将折扣撤销的权利。
  • 正常租赁条款适用。
  • 折扣受限于车辆可租用情况。
  • 折扣仅适用于新订单。